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Welcome to Chet's & Mitch's Magic Page

Hi our names are Chet and Mitchell. We have been playing Magic for several years and have some pretty good decks. We have made this site because we have been trying to find some new deck ideas on the internet and got tired of only finding decks that can be built with rare cards that are hard to get. The purpose of our site is to give you some decks themes that are easy to make and require cards that are not very hard to get. We offer two opinions of mostly the same decks built two ways. So try out both of our decks and see which you like better. We are constantly looking to find any new themes to make decks. If you have any good ones feel free to send them to me at If you are going to send me mail please put Magic in for the subject and include a paragraph about your deck for us to put on our site. I would appreciate if you would sign our guestbook. Leave your comments on what you think about our site.

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