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Wagical PlaceThis is a great place to buy magic card singles for cheap prices.
Moxdiamond Magic Homepage - A page for all your magic needs, including a magic search engine for finding those last few cards for your deck.
Wizards of the CoastThis is the official site of Wizards of the coast.
The DojoThis is a site a about Magic
MTGnewsThis is a site that has news about Magic.
MagicpujThis is a site about magic.
Magius ArcanaThis is a site that gives details on magic.
L.B.'s Magic: the Gathering Page!This is a site on magic that offers decks, strategy, and other key points of magic.
Magic: the Gathering Mega InfoThis is a website on Magic with a lot of info. It has reviews, articles, and tutorials.
Just MagicThis site sells magic cards at very low prices.

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